FFCAM 2020.1 New Function

Machine Functions Function to Export the Machining Information to Excel In addition to the existing Machining Information output function of FFCAM, the new function allows the output of Machining Information in Excel format, enabling detailed customization.

The Excel Machining Information that is set will be output when the “Information Create (Output the one file)” function in [Repost – Information] is used.

Ex.: Excel Machining Information that is output

New Definitions for Parameter Macro Definition Function

  • Macro variable types that can be defined and parameter types that support macro settings have been increased in the parameter macro definition function.
  • Support for [Pre-machining Tool] for Corner R Machining.
  • Support for stock file specification.

Updates Changes in Content of Process List after Application of Parameter Macro

When a parameter macro is specified in the process setting, process list information in [Machining Data Selection] is updated after path calculation. Since items that allow you to set parameter macros have been added to the process setting, the contents are updated in the process list. The following process settings have been added to the setting items of parameter macro.

  • Process Setting (Milling)
  • Process Setting (Drilling)