Founded in August 2013, CIMFORCE International Limited is composed of a group of experts in plastic mold manufacturing, mechanical engineering, forming, software and information technology and networking. Company consists of 80+ employees, services ranging across east Asia.

Total Solution

Why Intelligent Manufacturing

Today manufacturing corporations face pressure from global competition, short product introduction time, high product innovation and quality demand. As core of manufacturing industry, mold companies take more challenge from growing company scale and customers’ demand on short delivery time and high precision. Major critical issues, such as mass manufacturing information management, complicated information flow control, frequent design changes, high turnover of staff, low machine effective utilization, and abnormal handling, constrain mold companies’ daily operation and expansion. 
Why Intelligent Manufacturing


Flexible Combination

Solution consists of many unit modules. Users can deploy various  module combination based on needs.

Common Data Management

All unit modules share same data management platform and good for customers to extend seamlessly.


System leverages industry standard OPC UA protocol to provide high expansion flexibility of automation line.

Cyber-physical integration

CIMFORCE system integrates with CAD/CAM software to link task CAM output with machines.

Organizational Chart

organizational chart