Total Solution

High scalable automation line hardware architecture supports multi brands / types of machines and robots with flexible magazine combination. With multi brand PLC support and comprehensive safety mechanism, CIMFORCE provides highly flexible and expandable automation solution.

CIMFORCE MOM is tightly integrated with CAD/CAM. Common data layer manages design and manufacturing data, including CAD models, BOM data, CAM files,  design/manufacturing task information, and machining data. System links virtual and physical world by pushing right task data to assigned resources in time. 

By machine communication technology, system collects machining status (such as machine status, NC code, spindle speed, federate,..) in real time and capable to manage machines. System supports machines and robots from major manufacturers.

Professional IT infrastructure service increases the efficiency of IT operation. HCI solution based on open source, provides customer low cost, high performance and flexible expansion solution, and makes IT management easier.

With 15+ years mold manufacturing and shop management experience, CIMFORCE consulting team improves customer processes and practices from mold design, process design, and machining operation. We also help  customers  in  new factory setup and automation line design.