Pain Point

Digitizing CAPP information
  • Provide process planning sample defined by user.
  • Easy to match process planning sample by part type.
  • Process information correctly transfer to belonging process.
  • System automatically trigger process task based on the planning release.
3D process planning
  • Coloring 3D model to define process area by system geometry analysis.
  • Easy to check process 3D model via JT file.
  • Automatically mark PMI / hole table information on 3D model divide by each process.
  • Provide CMM and WEDM programing automation through cloud computing.
Flexible and diverse process design

Provide united multiple parts to process together through flexible planning system such as:

  • United first with few stations, then split workpiece into individual part for processing.
  • Processing separately first, then unite into one workpiece to process.
  • Easy to manage part design change manufacturing trough process management system with process freeze and version control.