Tool Management

Pain Point

Digital Tool Information
  • Manage tool cutting parameters and geometric information.
  • Manage tool holder parameters and geometric information.
  • Tool holder/ collet information management.
  • Manages indexable insert and holder information.
  • Import basic tool information from Excel file.
  • Manages tool set information.
  • Tool set cutting parameters management.
Virtual Tool Library Integration Management
  • Virtual tool library display and management.
  • Manages setup tool, load tool and unload tool.
  • On-machine tool length measurement and check.
  • Tool cutting life management.
  • Sister tool function.
  • Tool abnormality control and management.
  • Machine ATC tool template management.
  • Standard tool and non-standard tool management.
Tool Warehouse Management
  • Tool stock management.
  • Tool storage location management.
  • Tool safety stock management and automatic purchase requesting.
  • Tool inventory check and audit management.
  • Tool purchase management.
  • Tool set disassemble and recycle management.
  • Tool life and disposal management.